A modern KirinWhat is a Shinkirin?

What is a Kirin?

The Kirin is a mythical chimerical creature considered to be one of the most sacred animals in Japan. Japanese mythology considers Kirin more powerful than both the dragon and phoenix. Folk tales say that the appearance of the Kirin announces the arrival or death of a sage (sennin in Japanese). It also said that the Kirin's arrival brings a new golden age.

Shinkirin - Our Modern Kirin

Shinkirin orignal purpose is to be an IoT-based company focused on tracking vital signs and locations of middle-age to elderly people in Japan. In particular, Shinkirin we want to track the Kodokushi. We wanted a logo to show that change was coming. The Kirin was the perfect logo for this. Adding Shin (新), new in Japanese, to Kirin (麒麟) would show this change. The blockchain wrapped around the logo made our Kirin more modern. Shinkirin (新麒麟) was created.

Our Logo

A designer from Morocco spent a couple weeks designing the logo. The transition from the Chinese 'Gilin' to the current Kirin logo was impressive. We chose the current logo with both a blue and red background. Blue will be used for Shinkirin Tech projects. Red will be used for the startup company, Shinkirin. Tentatively, a purple background logo will be added for all charitable projects.

Shinkirin Tech white Kirin logo with red background
Shinkirin's logo with red background.