Deaths should never be lonelyProject Buraindo

Purpose of Project

From our Kodokushi page, Shinkirin decided that this was the first group we wanted to focus on. The immediate goal is to detect the deaths of the elderly person so they will not die alone. Hence the early success criteria is the detection of death. "A person should never die alone!" will be the motto of Project Buraindo.

Meaning of Buraindo (From the Founder)

Buraindo is the Japanese word for blinds. I had learned through one of the documentaries about the Kodokushi that one elderly woman used her blinds to signal her neighbor that she was still alive. If her blinds were not open, then that meant she most liked passed away. After I told this story to my friend, he suggested I call my project, Project Blinds. I then converted it to Japanese which became Project Buraindo.


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I got to think alot on how I would execute this project. We plan to use as much affordable technology as part of our solution. Currently, Project Buraindo will make up of the following components:

  • Use existing "Lonely Death" organizations and systems in implementation of the project.
  • Use of 5G networks critical for LIVE data IoT tracking (4G acceptable). Mobile phones can be used in the beginning in collaborations with internet providers.
  • Affordable Wearable (not a watch) that can track vitals to include heart rate, respiration, and body temperature.
  • Centrally located camera that will be activated by person vitals. Camera should have a speaker component for contact.
  • All data to be stored in the blockchain and IPFS, whenever possible. Access will be given to doctors, police and hospital upon agreed subscription.
  • Use ML to start analyzing the data for potential predictions.
  • Minidrone or robot for inside apartments if affordable. The minidrone or robot can also have camera, sensors and speaker. Most likely controlled by human. We are looking at the Hikikomori to be involved here.
  • Area drone stored at local police stations (Kobans). If 5G is not accesible, the drones can fly and direct bandwidth to the elderly person when an alert is triggered by their vital signs. We want to make use of the Koban if possible.
  • Work in collaboration with Kodokushi cleaning businesses. The idea is that it will be easier for them to clean up homes if the deceased person can be detected faster.

Current Status

Currently I am working on the business plan to launch this project. Check our Twitter updates at: #shinkirinupdates.

Edited on: July 7, 2021, by Matsunaga Naohisa (Kevin).

Targetted Social Issues: Kudokoshi | Hikikomori | Gender Equality

Project Buraindo's name was inspired by a documentary where a woman used her blinds to tell her neighbor she was okay.
Project Buraindo's name was inspired by a documentary where a woman used her blinds to tell her neighbor she was okay.