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What we develop

Aside from the projects that we will work on, Shinkirin also works on Next.js projects. This is our preferred platform for our projects. Sites we have worked on include restaurant website integrations with ordering system with automated work flows.

Our Solution

Below are the solutions we can offer you with your project:

  • Develop, or migrate, your website or app with Jamstack.
  • Integrate selected ecommerce systems with your Jamstack site.
  • Integrate social media to your Jamstack solution.
  • Integration with WordPress or another headless CMS.
  • Automate above workflows with Slack or other competing solutions.
  • Store source code at GitHub.
  • Sites hosted at Netlify.
  • Images hosted at Cloudinary. All images will be optimized.

Contact Us

You can Contact us for more information. We will set up a conference call to discuss your needs.

Edited on: July 3, 2021, by Matsunaga Naohisa (Kevin).

Solutions with Next.js at Shinkirin.
Solutions with Next.js at Shinkirin.