Deaths should never be lonelyKodokushi - Lonely Death

A personal narrative

In 2018, I decided it was time to make the move to Japan. Making the actual move proved to be difficult. Deep inside, I felt I needed purpose and meaning to make the final move. I have Japanese relatives in Japan yet I only spent 4 months of my life in the country. There was nothing pulling me to the country. To be a bit selfish, I wanted to be do something that would benefit Japanese society.

That "something" would come in 2019 after watching documentaries on the Kodokushi. What surprised me was the unofficial numbers of Kodokushi dying each year. One figure from 2009 stated 32,000 were dying alone each year. Another figure stated that by 2040, 200,000 Japanese elderly will die alone at home. I decided I needed to do something.

Project Buraindo

Shinkirin's goal immediate goal is to detect the deaths of the Kodokushi. If possible, I would like to be able to "predict" when a death may occur (an idealistic goal). Existing technology tools will play a crucial role in these tasks. Success criteria will be lower in the beginning phase of the project.

They say successful projects are successful due to timing. The tools I needed for my project were either too expensive or unavailable in 2019. By 2021, the idea of my project has become more realistic. Hence I decided to start work on Project Buraindo. We will promote the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 3 guidelines on good health and well-being for people of all ages with this project.

Current Status

Currently I am working on the business plan to launch this project. Just check our Twitter updates at: #shinkirinupdates.

Edited on: August 1, 2021, by Matsunaga Naohisa (Kevin).

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Unofficial figure says 200,000 Japanese per year will die lonely by 2040.
Unofficial figure says 200,000 Japanese per year will die lonely by 2040.