Modern day Recluses or just introverts?Hikikomori

An different perspective

The Hikikomori is a Japanese phenomenon that you do not see anywhere else in the world. Hikikomori are not recluses, per se, they are introverts needing an escape. This total withdrawal from society is similar with the experiences to introverts around the world. The difference is that when a person "withdrawals" in Japan, it is called a social problem. Outside of Japan, we would call it "recharging".

A lack of privacy is draining for introverts. Having to interact with people all the time is also draining for introverts. In other parts of the world, an introvert can easily escape. Though Japan is a privacy oriented society, the hard realities of work life is suited more for extroverts. This is something that needs to be addressed more in Japan.

Project Buraindo and Hikikomori

The Hikikomori are one group Shinkirin wants to work with during the early stages of Project Buraindo. Society needs to come up with a work environment that is favorable to Hikikomoris.

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Being a recluse outside of society
Being recluse, or introverted, is not a social problem.