A Brief History of ShinkirinAbout

The Founder - Matsunaga Naohisa (Kevin)

Kevin Miller Matsunaga was born in Mountain View, California, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. After graduating high school, Kevin spent a year with the US Marine Corps Reserves then attended the University of Washington (Seattle) and earned a Double Degree Bachelor of Arts in American Ethnic Studies and Sociology.

In 1997, Kevin taught English as a Foreign Language with the US Peace Corps in Karatau, Kazakhstan. After the Peace Corps, Kevin he as the Program Recruiter with the American Councils for International Education in Kyrgyzstan. He returned to the US to complete his Master of Public Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington, with concentrations in Comparative & International Affairs, Information Systems, and Nonprofit Management.

By 2004, Kevin relocated to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For the next 9 years his work related to education, ICT and general consulting. He served as a consultant for Indochina Capital (2006-2008), Mekong Securities (2006-2008), VinaConsulting (2008-2009), SLG Vscapeone (2009), Hakata Consulting (2009-2012) and BK Architects (2013).

From 2013-2017, he departed Vietnam to teach Computer Science with international schools in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and later, Shanghai, China. He returned to Vietnam in 2017 to set up a social enterprise. Unfortunately timing was off so the project was dissolved in 2018. It was during that time that Kevin decided to focus on a project in Japan. Thus, the initial idea for Shinkirin was born. This brings the story to the Timeline that starts in January, 2019.

Pre-startup Phase

As mentioned in the Kodokushi page, Shinkirin is currently in the pre-startup phase. Keep updated about Shinkirin's activities with Twitter at: #shinkirinupdates.

Edited on: August 7, 2021, by Matsunaga Naohisa (Kevin).

Kyoto, Japan
Shinkirin may startup in either Fukuoka, Kyoto (pictured) or Osaka, Japan.