Shinkirin Tech
Using Technology to Address Societal Issues

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Social issues we will address in Japan:

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Caring for the well-being of people

Our Purpose

Caring for the well-being of people should be one of the biggest priorities of mankind. Yet many people are being pushed to the fringes of society and ignored. Strong family bonds got replaced by loneliness. Normal behavior got labeled as a form of deviance. Even the act of death got replaced by another a on a graph. The aggregation of these societal issues gets ignored.

Addressing Social Issues

Shinkirin exists to solve these societal issues. We focus our work in areas where markets, governments and charities have all failed. We use technology to address those suffering in the fringes of society. As social entrepreneurs, it is our goal to get society to acknowledge that these problems exist so we can start finding solutions.

Our First Project

Our first social issue we plan to address involves the Kodokushi. Shinkirin aims to reduce the number of "Lonely Deaths" across Japan among this elderly group. Our goal is to track this group with the use of wearables, IoT and blockchain technologies. Project Buraindo will use machine learning to track the Kodokushi. We hope to keep their deaths from being lonely